Working Together

There are few things that are better than working with people whose goals complement your own.  I am fortunate enough to be working with a principal who is a constant source of encouragement while I travel down a new road on my path to greater learning.  A recent discussion led me to a new awareness:  a teacher who decides to learn has to swallow some pride.  This is really hard to do.  We strive to be models for our students, and in our efforts to be good models, we want to appear as if we know it all already.

This is horrible!

How can students expect to enjoy learning if we don’t model our love of discovering new things?  New goal (in addition to other goals):  don’t be afraid to admit some shortcomings.  (Not all shortcomings, of course.  Let’s not go crazy.)

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2 Responses to Working Together

  1. David Tamblyn says:

    Sometimes Colleen you simply have to take the plunge. In doing so you are demonstrating to your students your willingness to experiment and take risks. You will be a great role model for your students.

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