A Whole New World

Have I been hiding under a rock for the past few years?  It appears that the world changed without telling me!

It has been less than a week since my first post, and I have experienced so much joy in discovering a handful of resources that I have honestly felt giddy about my quest.  Who would have thought this excitement could be possible half-way through my teaching career?  I have listened to webcasts while doing the dishes, I have explored new sites (that I learned about on some of the webcasts) on the computer after my kids have gone to bed, and I have met new people in an effort to ask them about website content.  These people have not only allowed me to discuss their material on my pages, but have offered me helpful suggestions as I find my way through the e-world.

My question now is:  Once I begin to collect enough resources, will I still live up to my challenge of reviving my classroom?  Will I attempt to use these resources with my students?

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