My Goal: Allow My Students to Teach Me

Today I began to show my grade 11 students how to set up a drawing using 2-point perspective.  They enjoyed the review of 1-point perspective from grade 9 and they talked to each other as they tried to solve some problems in their practice drawings.  Awesome.  …but something felt like it was missing.

Recently, I had viewed a video on YouTube created by Mark Crilley.  It put me in mind of comics and video games, which I seem to neglect as a resource in my class.  I think I’ve been missing out!  A recent tweet from Technology in The Arts linked to an article called Art, Games, Art Games! — a definite eye-opener!  Why have I not focused a bit more attention on art that can be fun and engaging?

So… here is my experiment:  I’ve asked them to bring in their games.  Especially games that use perspective in an interesting way.  We’re learning this stuff for a reason, right?  I plan to learn a bit about video games (maybe even try a few), have fun, and show them how they can use their art skills beyond high school.  I honestly can’t wait!

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