Adapting to Change

The changes in the world of education have many teachers pondering the usefulness of technology in the classroom.  Most see it as a useful tool, but the degree to which it is used varies between schools. 

I believe moderation is key.  One cannot hope to inspire learners if change is seen as an inconvenient and persistent challenge.  On the flipside, if every new idea is enthusiastically embraced, one may be left with a mere appreciation of possibilities.

I believe most educators have a very sensible appreciation for knowledge that they wish to share with their students.  Within that appreciation lies a balance of judgment that works very similar to that of a parent who determines what is good for their child.  If the benefits of a new tool outweigh potential risks, then it may be worth trying.

True strength adapts to change

but is rooted in knowledge

Holding tight, forever nurtured

branching out

Twisting, turning,

shaped by the wind

Growing in beauty,

fed from within.


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