Are You Tired Of Bullying?

Some people think the word ‘bully’ has been overused.  They call it a buzzword, and view it as a passing awareness, or something that has been hyped by celebrities and the media.

I don’t.

When someone hasn’t ever been the target of abuse, ridicule, racism, gossip, stereotypes or hatred, it’s convenient to think about bullying with an air of detachment.  Stories on the news or online might even be seen as something to be aware of, but never acted upon.

What does it take to make people think?  I mean, really think.

I challenge you to try to make a change.  Even if bullying has never affected you or someone you love.  What if you could stop something bad from happening?

I want my children and my students to know just how important it is to appreciate others.  We are all different.  We should never act as if we are better than others, because we aren’t.  Every one of us is special.

Teachers have so many opportunities to talk to their students about bullying: to get to the core of what it means, and to discuss what harm can be caused by taking the issue too lightly.  Take the time to make students a bit more aware of the problems it can cause, and the people it can hurt.

Let’s help our students by sharing the qualities that can help to counter bullying: respect, compassion and kindness.

~ dedicated to someone close to my heart ~
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