Nominations for Art Ed Blog of the Year

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Jessica Balsey, Founder of the Art of Education Website, has given art teachers the opportunity to share the resources that have been created by fellow professionals by opening nominations for the Art Ed Blog of the Year!  I have enjoyed checking out the growing list of comments (my screen shot already shows 47 comments) just to become a bit more aware of some of the blogs that I didn’t know about before.

In the spirit of the #edubroawards, I have decided to nominate more than one art teacher, because I find it too difficult to choose between so many awesome educators’ blogs.

When I joined Twitter and began blogging, the first art teacher I learned about was Tricia Fuglestad. Her blog has such a wide assortment of projects available and she provides so many videos that explain how to use technology with students.  I can see why she has collected a few awards already!

This year’s Dot Day was celebrated by two of my classes.  We were fortunate enough to take part, but when we had the chance to collaborate with Chelsie Meyer and her students, the event became so much more meaningful.

In Jessica’s post re: nominations for Art Ed Bloggers, she mentioned that she hoped to see more secondary nominations.  Since I have used ideas and digital portfolio advice from Ian Sands, I need to make sure that he is recognized for sharing quality information on his blog!

Hurricane Sandy devastated so many areas on the East Coast of the United States.  Suzanne Tiedemann encouraged her students to use their art to make a change, and to help people affected by the horrible storm.  Her Shells for NJ Shores project demonstrates her love for art education and her dedication for helping those in need.

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