Hi #etmooc-ers!

Although speaking isn’t my forte, I like the #etmooc assignment to help a few people get to know each other.  Besides, it’s a great excuse to fiddle around with iMovie and work on my weaknesses!

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6 Responses to Hi #etmooc-ers!

  1. fryed says:

    What a beautiful introduction! Kudos to you. And, I need another iMovie lesson when you have a minute….

    • colleenkr says:

      I like your intro too! It’s so cool that you showed your kick sled ~ my daughter just came down to see what I was doing since she heard a video and she thought it was so cool.
      …and yes, let’s play with iMovie!

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  3. Thanks. Liked your video intro for etmooc. I need to re-install iMovie on my MacBook Pro. Just as I was about to do the iMovie and wrote the script and gathered what I needed, iMovie crashed, so quickly shifted to Animoto and redid my plan. Also, want to download the iMovie app to my iPad. Here’s a link to the Blogger blog I started for etmooc. I have several Blogger and WordPress blogs that I need to maintain for my teaching, but will try to improve on this etmooc blog, as time permits. http://edtechmediasp2013.blogspot.com/

  4. colleenkr says:

    Thanks Judy. There sure are some technical glitches every now & then that can be really frustrating. I’ll be sure to take a look at your blog!

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