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The Importance of Student Voice

“The very idea of students deciding what they want to learn and how!  Preposterous!”, was said by: a) a teacher in 1900 b) a teacher in 2013 c) both (a) and (c) How much time do we take to consider … Continue reading

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Great Timing

What a funny coincidence that I read Brandon Grasley’s blog post  on the same day that I saw my first grey owl! Today, I took my camera with me on my trip to Thunder Bay in the hopes that I might see … Continue reading

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Emerging From The Abyss

There have been so many wonderful resources that have helped teachers realize the potential for, and the benefits of, student blogging.  Comments4Kids is a great place to begin sorting through suggested class blogs, especially if you have the time to read … Continue reading

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Ohhh, The Possibilities!

Totally wowed by #ETMOOC’s latest post about Digital Storytelling!  Holy cow, what a wealth of material to absorb, and maaaaan, do I feel like a sponge.  After checking out a few links, I know my brain will be working on … Continue reading

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