Learning About Digital Citizenship

Tonight’s #etmchat re: digital citizenship has brought about another learning curve for me.  So many great thoughts about teachers & students sharing online, and how it compares to citizenship in the real world.  There are a few concepts I’m still wrapping my mind around, and I’m sure that if I’m stewing over some ideas, there has to be a few people involved with #etmooc that are learning to digest and process these concepts as well.

I think my favourite take-away from tonight’s chat has to be Erin Luong‘s Haiku Deck Presentation about Digital Citizenship.  Simplicity is key when I’m learning a new concept, and her project helped to gently introduce me to a few new ideas.

I wish I could have participated in last night’s Blackboard Collaborate session that was facilitated by Alec Couros, since the topic is so relevant in today’s learning environment (for the first time, Blackboard Collaborate didn’t work for me. Very disappointed.).  Teachers who are desperate to soak up as much knowledge about technology and how it can enhance student learning in their classroom are destined to navigate the waters of digital citizenship.  My first step is understanding what the heck it means (although its definition is seen as ‘nebulous’ [@courosa] — an appropriate term to describe something that seems to fluctuate with multiple perspectives).

Ultimately, my students will benefit from having a teacher who is willing to use and share technology with them.  Although so many ideas are new to me, I don’t want my fear to hold me back from providing opportunities to students who are willing to explore and experiment to further their education.  I just hope I can help to guide them safely on their journey.


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1 Response to Learning About Digital Citizenship

  1. erinluong says:

    Thank you so much for the mention. I agree, keeping it simple keeps it real. I look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

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