The End Is Just The Beginning

Wow, #etmooc sure has provided a ton of opportunities to explore a vast new territory for so many educators! What a whirlwind of amazing learning experiences… how can it possibly be coming to an end?  I feel like the little green guy from Just For Laughs:

I know it’s not really the end.  How on earth could such a cool experience ever really end?    Well, for starters, since I missed a number of sessions, I know I’ll be catching up on some great archived recordings.  Another goal is to play a bit with some of the suggested projects… I have a feeling I’ll be tempted by all the fun with digital storytelling!

What I’ve really enjoyed about all this is coming to the realization that I’m not alone.  Whether I’ve lurked or participated in any of the #etmooc events, there have always been other people that have had questions.  Lots of questions.  Questions that I might have been afraid to ask.  Questions that I’m so glad someone else had the courage to ask because it gave me the confidence to ask questions too.  What an amazing learning environment — where it’s ok to be clueless, and the support is almost overwhelming.

I’m so glad that other people in my school had the chance to take part too:  @fryed, @jmarciski, @kimberniprock… wasn’t it fun to be part of something like this together?

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9 Responses to The End Is Just The Beginning

  1. Excellent post. I couldnt agree more. I myself will feel a bit lost when #etmooc is completely over, I actually wonder if the end will come. I know I will still use my etmooc hashtag in twitter and hope the etmooc google plus community is still there. I am so glad you incorporated video and made some great points, it must have been awesome to have others in your school participate as well.

    • alison says:

      I hear you Sherry. We’ll still have the tag and G+ space, but either way, we’re still around. 🙂 We can stay in touch and the conversations can continue, but there will be other learners out there with whom to connect, also. Where will you take your learning adventure next? How will you craft your network along the way?

  2. alison says:

    Colleen, your comment, “What I’ve really enjoyed about all this is coming to the realization that I’m not alone,” really struck me. I’m really glad #etmooc has been helpful to you in this way, because we aren’t alone and the amazing thing about open learning is that we have the opportunity to find these things out. It’s really exciting that you could do that together with your colleagues, too.

    As I mentioned to Sherry, and as you observe too, this isn’t the end and it doesn’t only rest with our #etmooc connections. The question is: As a networked learner, where do I focus my learning next? What are my goals? What sorts of conversations are out there and how can I find them?

    What’s next for you? 🙂

  3. segmation says:

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