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Giving Credit

When we are on a steady course of learning, there can be moments that stand out a little bit more.  These moments may spike our curiosity or add clarity to what we’ve been trying to understand.  As I’ve mentioned before, … Continue reading

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In The Zone

Artists are happiest when they are creating.  There is no better therapy than the experience, the feeling of creation.  Having ideas is fine, but there unless you produce, you will feel somewhat unfulfilled. I recently shared the following video with … Continue reading


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Last night’s reading,  ‘Mind-Sets and Equitable Education” by Carol S. Dweck, struck a personal chord with me.  In the article, Dweck discusses the difference between having a fixed vs. a growth mind-set.  Although most of her descriptions are meant to help us understand students … Continue reading

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Out of This World

Usually any sort of collaboration is pretty cool, but Dean Shareski’s latest project was an incredible experience to be part of.  Here is a bit of info about the song inspired the idea: The Barenaked Ladies, a children’s choir, and … Continue reading

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