Giving Credit

When we are on a steady course of learning, there can be moments that stand out a little bit more.  These moments may spike our curiosity or add clarity to what we’ve been trying to understand.  As I’ve mentioned before,  our school is part of a Growing Success Project.  Learning goals, success criteria, assessment and feedback are huge components of our explorations toward creating a better learning environment for our students.  Lately, though, we’ve been looking at some of our rich performance tasks, re-evaluating their effectiveness depending on criteria from a variety of sources.

It’s odd to think that sharing a project with other educators could be an intimidating process, but it is.  For some reason, standing up in front of a class is much different than sharing thoughts with colleagues.  Fear of judgment or failure is huge.  You also don’t want to disappoint anyone who may have hopes that you will be able to move forward and share some good material.  Although I really valued today’s session, I found that the time spent in our smaller groups (to prepare for today) was a bit less intimidating.

There was one moment that stood out a bit more than others.  Yesterday became an extension of our school’s small group focus on rich performance tasks.  In a meeting with our school’s lead learner, we evaluated one of my projects that I am using with my grade 9 students.  After making recommendations and sharing some great thoughts, she told me that many of us are at a point where we see the value of the theory behind the Growing Success project.  What we need to do now is to apply it in practice.  To allow our classroom work to catch up with our thoughts.



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