A Bit of Fear Can Be a Great Motivator

If you’ve read some of my last posts, you’ll know that my school board is working with the Ministry of Education to implement Growing Success, a document that is helping educators throughout Ontario (and probably beyond our provincial borders as well).  #GSIP (the Growing Success Implementation Project) is built on a solid foundation of research, and I tend to favour the focus on transparency and fairness in assessment.

By paying closer attention to learning goals, success criteria, feedback and assessment, my colleagues and I are gaining a much broader perspective of the educational experiences in our classrooms.  While it is important to focus on how we teach, it is critical to consider the student perspective in the learning cycle.

This week, we have the opportunity to meet with many other educators in our board to share our learning and to help each other move forward.  I’m really looking forward to hearing what other teachers are working on, struggling with, and what they would like to share with the group.

In an attempt to share my own learning, I’ll be relying on a few new ‘techy tools’ that I wanted to experiment with.  Technology appeals to introverted people who are searching for tools to help them share their thoughts. 😉

Links to my presentations:

I might not be the best at speaking in front of a crowd, but I do appreciate the gains that have been made by so many people in our board.  I wanted to have the chance to voice my thanks.

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