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Clay Connections, part 2

Last night, Nipigon held their first annual Relay for Life event to help raise funds to fight cancer.  The organizing committee should be commended for their willingness to start a new tradition in our area that will benefit so many … Continue reading

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Public Speaking is Like Eating a Turnip

The average person usually doesn’t like public speaking.  A shy person would rather crawl under a rock than be asked to share their thoughts with a large group. Growing up, I hated rutabagas (although I thought they were turnips. Turns out, … Continue reading


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A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson

It seemed like any ordinary afternoon… …until I had the chance to chat with Sir Ken Robinson! Ok, so although I’m absolutely thrilled to have had the chance to toss ideas around with one of the coolest educational gurus of our time, I … Continue reading

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Clay Connections

This past weekend, my daughter discovered some beautiful clay in a stream (my children call this area ‘the gully’) behind our house.  The clay is surprisingly smooth, and is easy to harvest in shallow water since it is already divided … Continue reading

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What’s the Big Deal about Blogs?

You’re curious about blogging?  You’re willing to explore and play with a few new ideas?  That’s wonderful!  I hope that this post will help you on your way to find some answers… First, let’s start at the beginning:  What is … Continue reading

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