Public Speaking is Like Eating a Turnip


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The average person usually doesn’t like public speaking.  A shy person would rather crawl under a rock than be asked to share their thoughts with a large group.

Growing up, I hated rutabagas (although I thought they were turnips. Turns out, they’re a little different).  I even remember, shamefully, lying to my Nan: “I’m allergic to turnips.  I can’t eat them”.  Oddly enough, as I grew, my tastes changed and I found a few recipes that made the horrible, bloated roots mildly palatable.

Growing up, I also hated public speaking.  Actually, I still do.  Just less.  I don’t think I’ll ever really like sharing my thoughts with a large crowd, but thanks to some ‘techy tools’, the idea isn’t as paralyzing as it used to be.

If you have a student (or a son or daughter) that is shy, introverted, or afraid to speak, this post is for you… and them.  Take heart, and know that there are ways to communicate without as much anxiety…

A person who is afraid to speak needs to feel comfortable; to find an environment that doesn’t feel as demanding as one that involves a room full of people.  This is why I would highly recommend using a blog.  By writing, a blogger is allowed time to think before publishing their thoughts.  *If you are curious about how to begin, take a peek here:  “What’s the Big Deal About Blogs?”

Some helpful tools:


Fear of public speaking shouldn’t define you.  You still have many wonderful thoughts to share with others.  The trick is finding a way to get those ideas out there.

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