What Kind Of Teacher Do You Want To Be?

Recently, a friend asked me about teaching the way I aspire to teach.  We had a great chat, and his questions about finding inspiration have stayed with me.

I came across this video that brought me back to my childhood, but also reminded me of some of the reasons why teaching art is so special to me:

I watched Mr. Dressup every weekday morning when I was little.  His songs were fun, his ‘Tickle Trunk’ seemed magical, and I often wished that I could go to visit his house!  The best part of each show had to be his time at the drawing board.  He told stories and illustrated the pictures, mesmerizing me with his skill.  He was one of my first and favourite teachers.

Wouldn’t it be great to teach like Mr. Dressup?  How would you inspire your students while managing your curriculum?  Do you wish you could have a bit more fun in your classroom?


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