Rocks and Black Dogs


This post is a follow-up to Better Out Than In, which was written to help provide a bit of clarity and understanding when thinking of mental health.  I want to figure out how we can help students who are experiencing difficulties, but haven’t yet learned how to deal with stress, anxiety, depression or other disorders.


It’s sad to think that students might think that hiding their problems may seem more important than finding ways to help them become healthier and happier.



If we encourage students to share their concerns, perhaps they will find more ways to lead fulfilling lives.

~Hidden Solace~
thoughts battle feelings
objectivity fades
emotion takes over
unleashed, unfazed
by feeble attempts
to maintain control
the reigns have been lost
running untamed
wildfire speed
no direction, no reason
faceless consumption
sympathy misplaced
carried away
by unbridled craze
hoping for solace
mercy and grace
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