Cold But Beautiful

My family and I just returned from a quick trip to Duluth.  On the way down, we noticed how quickly the shoreline changed; the lake is still frozen in Red Rock, but there was plenty of ice shifting and open water between the border and our destination.


A bit of contrast was added to this photo to emphasize the textures


We also enjoyed our time at On The Rocks Art Studio & Gallery.  For some reason, I hadn’t noticed this little gem on previous trips to Duluth, but I’m so glad we did this time.


I really hope that plenty of people visit this studio.  There is such a variety of great art for sale, and the atmosphere is creative and inviting.  Two bonus points for having a pet turtle and for displaying a record from The Muppet Show.


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3 Responses to Cold But Beautiful

  1. dougpete says:

    Beautiful collection of images. I like the sign “Earth without Art is Eh”.

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