Painted Turtle Art Shop



Bringing one of these bags home is like having a loot bag from a birthday party. I can’t wait to get home & dig in to my treats.

The Painted Turtle Art Shop in Thunder Bay has been my favourite art supply store since I began shopping for art supplies.  I began taking visual arts courses in university in 1994, and was introduced to this wonderful little store by my professors, who gave each of their students a list of supplies for their courses.  The owners of Painted Turtle were so welcoming and helpful, especially to wide-eyed, first-year, rookie art students like me.  They had the patience of saints as they helped me with my list; they would explain some of the materials that I wasn’t familiar with, and would even show me ways to save some money.  …and I received a discount for being an art student.  (big thumbs-up)

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 8.58.16 AM

A few years ago, the Best Art Shop Ever moved from their long-time Red River location to 33 S. Cumberland Street.  At first, I wasn’t too sure if I liked this idea, because it’s hard to give up a bit of tradition.  It didn’t take long to enjoy their new home on Cumberland Street…


Look at all the space!

There is nothing better than going to your favourite art store and feeling like you’re at home.  Lorraine and Angie are two of the friendliest artists/shop-owners I know, and do their very best to help their customers.  Discussions over materials that would be just right and personalized service are just a few reasons why I keep coming back to the B.A.S.E. (oops, I mean Painted Turtle).


If you’re on Cumberland, look for this storefront. Then, park your car and stay a while.   


*Storefront image credit: Painted Turtle website.  

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