Relay For Life


Relay for Life

Image via Jenni’s Pinboard

Relay for Life is raising awareness about cancer:  the staggering number of people who are affected (even in our own community), the questions and research that are driving campaigns, and the heroes who are fighting on the front lines.

I’m sharing my project with you to help raise awareness as well as funds for cancer research.  My hope is to collect donations as I paint, and these donations will help my Relay for Life team achieve our fundraising goal (each member hopes to raise at least $300, and my goal is $1000).  The painting will be donated to our regional cancer centre, and they can choose to display the artwork or use it to raise more funds.

Thank you for your generous donations!  Next year, I hope to share another project.












I thought it would be fun to create a new side-job: ART BUSKER.  It’s too cold to stand on a sidewalk & paint while people throw change into a hat… and besides, our town is a bit too small for busking, so… social media to the rescue:  **Click HERE to see the clip.**

My inspiration:


**I will continue to add updates as I make progress on my painting.



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