I Don’t Know the Answers…

A few of my colleagues and I have been meeting online to discuss choice-based teaching methods (head on over to “Art Chats” to take a look).  It helps to talk about new ideas with others because they may see things a bit differently, and you can learn much more thanks to their insights & perspectives.


Contemporary Approaches to Teaching encourages teachers to “[employ] a process of inquiry… to harness the power of human curiosity”.  The article goes beyond the usual process vs. product conversations, and pushes educators to question their methodology.  Current pedagogy needn’t rely on programming young minds with specific skills to make them appear as artists; they need the tools to think creatively.

The thinking that everyone needs to acquire precisely the same knowledge set to succeed is fundamentally flawed. ~ Hathaway & Jaquith, “Where’s the Revolution?”

What does it mean to be a good teacher now?  What skills are necessary to provide for students, to help them as they become independent thinkers & creators?

Too often, learning remains a passive endeavor…  ~ Hathaway & Jaquith


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1 Response to I Don’t Know the Answers…

  1. missjaybar says:

    I enjoyed this week’s art chat. It has given me much to think about as I wrap up my school year/reflect on this year. Also, it has given me much to ponder over the summer as I plan. I hope to pick all y’alls brains over the summer as I figure it all out.

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