Teacher Learning and Leadership Program

The Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP) is an annual project-based professional learning opportunity for experienced classroom teachers.  ~ Ontario Ministry of Education

I just returned from Toronto, where Jenni & I participated in the TLLP Leadership Skills for Classroom Teachers Training Session.  I hope it’s ok to admit that I had no idea how significant this program was until these past few days.  The Ministry of Education and the Ontario Teachers’ Federation worked harmoniously to provide an excellent introduction for this year’s TLLP “newbies”:  resources, presentations, advice from experienced participants, tips for success… and great food. 


My notes from day #1

One of the things that impressed me most had to be the emphasis on support for teachers.  The TLLP is designed to allow educators to embark on their own learning path, to collaborate with others, and to benefit from the nature of inquiry.  All the while, we are encouraged to share our discoveries with other participants using the TLLP Ning, a place to meet, discuss ideas and help each other.


Ann Lieberman’s session on Thursday was inspiring.

I could have listened to Ann Lieberman all day.  She has a wonderful ability to encourage aspiring leaders to take a leap of faith, and begin to learn the leader identity.  Her assertion that teacher-leaders are not “big shots”, they’re just sharing something they know, provided a refreshing perspective for those who may be intimidated by the notion of leadership.

IMG_0292A few highlights:

IMG_0295 #TLLP2014Selfies:


Listen to a fantastic discussion provided by ECOO with some fundamental & important information about the TLLP:


More information on the TLLP from TVO:  Teacher Learning and Leadership Program






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4 Responses to Teacher Learning and Leadership Program

  1. cordym says:

    Thank you for your great blog post. I really like the images you created and feel honoured by the mention and inclusion of other media. I agree with you, the theme was about supporting teachers as leaders. I love this notion. So often leaders are assumed to be administrators. In fact, I was recently at a conference where the speaker was trying to figure out her crowd so she asked leaders to stand up and then said “yes, thank you principals and SOs.” At that moment I was glad I didn’t stand up.
    But, this project is about standing up and standing out and being a leader from within the classroom. It’s about finding support and then providing one another with support.
    It was great seeing you, Colleen. Let’s make a date to check in with each other through the ning and elsewhere throughout this journey.

    • colleenkr says:

      Sounds like a great plan, thanks Michelle!
      I still can’t believe the opportunities that are available through the TLLP, and I sincerely hope that by sharing what we’re learning, other educators can take advantage of the program too. It really is amazing to think of the fundamental shift in professional development that is occurring in our educational system, and how we can all be a part of this change.

  2. Awwww…thanks so much for the shout out and the kind words!
    I also love that Ann said that teacher-leaders are not “big shots”, they’re just sharing something they know.
    What an awesome few days. I am so proud to be part of it and to learn with you and all our colleagues.
    So great to catch up with you. We really need to talk more about your work perhaps in relation to Global Dignity Day.

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