The Perks of Being an Art Teacher

Official warning:

Like a grandparent who is armed with a pile of baby pictures, I am awfully proud of my students.  This post is dedicated to them.


It’s awfully tempting for a teacher to stick to a regimen.  It would be so easy, so safe, to rely on the lessons from the good old days.  Besides, who wants to ruffle any feathers?

 Placation will leave you stranded on the road to discovery.

As a young man dances to share his culture, a young woman hopes to shatter glass and bones for an artwork, and a group of teenagers work together on the potter’s wheel, my heart swells with pride that students are finding a way to share their ideas with the world.


I can’t deny that I’m getting something out of this.  As students unveil their interests, their questions and turmoil with me, it’s an honour to help them dig deeper to uncover new depths of understanding.  They constantly teach me.

If I don’t step out of my comfort zone, how on earth can I expect students to step out of theirs?



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