A New Beginning?


My son and I discovered a seed inside a nectarine over a week ago.  A special seed.  For some reason, it had started to sprout, so we decided to see what would happen if we encouraged it to grow a little bit more.

Educators love metaphors, so my mind wandered as I began to watch this little seed begin to take on a new life.  You would think that the nectarine had done all the work it needed to do.  It grew, ripened, and served a purpose.  Isn’t the same true of us?  Aren’t we satisfied if we manage to ripen and serve a purpose?  Why bother with more?

Don’t settle.

If we assume that we have learned all we need to learn, we do ourselves a disservice.  We will lose the spark that ignited our love of education, and our students will see that learning is finite.

*thanks to Karen Grose at TVO for sharing this clip

As we look forward to a fresh new school year, remember the all the reasons why you fell in love with learning.  What was it that captured your attention?  What kinds of projects or lessons allowed you to become so focused that the rest of the world began to fade away?  What excited you so much that you couldn’t wait to share what you discovered?



I’m thankful to TVO for providing educators with a new platform for sharing knowledge throughout Ontario; a way to connect across our vast province, to meet leaders & learners, and to provoke conversations as we reevaluate the services we provide for students.  I would encourage teachers in Ontario to visit TeachOntario, create an account & start connecting!  It’s so nice to have access to a great resource that enables us to learn from each other.



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4 Responses to A New Beginning?

  1. Aimer Shama says:

    Hmmm… it looks like I already settled, gave up, yet still content….
    Why should I want more if I’m happy with what I have?

    • colleenkr says:

      If you are content, that is wonderful. You may have all you need to satisfy your interests (and your students?).

      This post is a way to encourage myself and others who aren’t happy with the status quo, and need some new adventures & challenges. I think that, since I am responsible for teaching creativity & originality (I teach art), I want to ‘walk the walk’ rather than just telling my students to do just that.

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