Luncheon of Hope

Yesterday, I attended the 2014 TBayTel Luncheon of Hope in Thunder Bay.  To help remember this special occasion, and in case I lose the hard copy of my notes, I thought I would make a copy of my speech:

This is scary.  But I won’t let fear stop me from speaking to you today.  For too long, I’ve let fear paralyze me and prevent me from experiencing what life has to offer.  I’m sure that many of you can identify with this.  What holds us back from doing the things we want to do?  The things we were designed to do?

A while ago, my friend shared a quote with me:  “People with cancer don’t have the privilege to choose when to fight back, they fight every day”.

It must be scary to have to fight cancer.  To have no choice.  So how can others honour those who are facing that fear?  We can face our own.  We can make a difference.

This year, I had the privilege of creating an artwork that helped to raise funds for the Exceptional Cancer Care Campaign.  What an absolutely amazing experience this has been, and so fulfilling.  I started to realize that I could make a difference — something I thought that only other people could do.

So I would like to ask you to think about yourself for a moment.  Is there something small that you could do to make a difference for someone else?  To help another person?  To change their world?  When you think of it, do it.  Do it right away.

Approximately half an hour after I spoke to an audience of over 500 people, the silent auction for my painting was closed and the winner announced.  Tears were shed as I heard that a generous donor and new owner of my landscape had given $2000 to the Exceptional Cancer Care Campaign.


If possible, I will try to attend this Luncheon every year.  Thank you so much to Jason, Lindsay and Dan.  You may never know what a difference you have made.

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To learn the story of my painting, please click here.


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