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Student Voice: Learning Conditions Needed to Support a Growth Mindset

I can’t explain the learning that has been happening in my classroom lately.  All I know is that it’s cool.  Maybe after reading through this post, you can help to explain it and make meaning from it by providing another … Continue reading

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Can A Fixed Mindset Be Changed?

After my students thought & wrote about growth mindset, Dave Tamblyn challenged us to think about people who have a fixed mindset. Thank you Colleen for sharing this. What a great exercise! I wish I had been there to have heard … Continue reading

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Last Friday, I participated in a Leadership Learning Team meeting with other educators in our school board.  It was a great opportunity to think about the way we teach, and we were challenged to share this learning with others.  This might have … Continue reading


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Conditions for Learning

This one’s called “To Be A Teacher.” — Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) November 21, 2014   One question from yesterday’s session is still unanswered, and that bugs me.  A lot. How am I going to lead this learning when I … Continue reading

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Yay, Report Cards.

Do you have any idea how good I am at procrastinating?  Absolutely fabulous.  Especially when it comes to calculating report card marks and writing comments.  My house will suddenly become spotless (even the ring around the tub will vanish), my … Continue reading

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#BIT14, Day 2 & 3

By far, the most touching aspect of #bit14: when we see how students benefit from the changes we make as teachers. — Colleen Rose (@ColleenKR) November 6, 2014 Bring IT Together was phenomenal.  Almost overwhelming. My friends (colleagues) and I … Continue reading

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#BIT14, Day 1

What would you wish for in a conference? Spectacular scenery?  Great venue?  Great friends?  An opportunity to learn? #BIT14 is the place to be. I was so fortunate to have the chance to present with Derrick Schellenberg & Maureen Asselin … Continue reading

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