Moving Beyond the Elements and Principles in #ArtsEd

Olivia Gude’s publication, “Postmodern Principles: in Search of 21st Century Art Education” has often been an invaluable resource as I strive to restructure the opportunities for learning in my classroom.  Any art educator will be familiar with the Elements and Principles, but not many will admit to feeling confined by their use as the pillars of creation and analysis of art.  I’m not saying that they have a negative impact on art education, but if we limit ourselves to understanding art through the lens of Modernist design, we are clipping our own wings.

In 2013, I explored the principle of recontextualization through the use of Vine.  This year, my senior students will be encouraged to play with the app, along with other forms of media that provide more freedom of expression.  When I think of Postmodern principles such as layeringinteraction of text & imagejuxtaposition, and appropriation, I wonder about the endless possibilities for artworks that students can create by taking advantage of new possibilities found through thematic work coupled with choice of media.

Today, I learned about Zeega, an online tool that allows you to combine a variety of media (gifs, images, music) to create your own artwork.  These visual remixes allow the user to form new meaning by appropriating material that is free to play with.

I wonder what kinds of stories my students will tell?

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4 Responses to Moving Beyond the Elements and Principles in #ArtsEd

  1. Hello Colleen,
    You are SO inspiring and cutting edge! I’m so excited about the information you shared out on this post! Zeega looks amazing! It would tie in perfectly with the new national art standards, Visual Arts: Responding: 7.2.8: Compare and contrast contexts and media in which viewers encounter images that influence ideas, emotions, and actions. I have been recently trying to think of ways to incorporate the new standards into my art room as I feel as if they are training up artists and critical thinkers! Would you mind if I shared the Zeega videos with my students and our tech intergrationist?

    Thanks for sharing the Postmodern Principles: in Search of 21st Century Art Education website! I will be digging into this deeper!

    As always, great learning from you Mrs. Rose! 🙂 You are such an inspiration to me! I love your passion for art and your students!

    • colleenkr says:

      Chelsie, you are so encouraging and kind. Thank you for all of your positive feedback! My students in grade 10 played with Zeega today and had a blast. I took a bit more time with my senior students to make sense of the links that I had referenced, and we had some good introductory chats about Dada, art analysis, and techniques that allow us to present multiple images to convey deeper meanings through art.
      Please feel free to share! 🙂

  2. SAS Silvios says:

    I am intrigued by Olivia Gude’s article “Postmodern Principles: in Search of 21st Century Art Education. I have always been heavy on the art history portion of my teaching which is based on traditional artists from the past. I think because this is what I know and am familiar with. I want my students to learn and think outside the box. I need to be willing to do this as well. It is great that you learned Zeega as if you were a student. That is a powerful lesson for all educators. We need to be willing to put ourselves in the students place and learn through their eyes. Thank you for this reminder and I look forward to researching this further.

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