Lego Literacy

This morning, I read “LEGO Handwriting Mats — Read, Build, and Write“.  The idea of using Lego to encourage kids to improve their handwriting skills is so helpful!  I gathered some supplies together and asked my son to try the activity with me.


The activity went well, but I noticed that Ethan was still having difficulty with spacing and orientation.  I decided to try something different, so I grabbed my iPad & opened up SketchBook Pro.  I took a picture of his Lego pieces we had used to spell the word Titanic.


Then, I added a layer so that Ethan could write on top of the picture of the Lego pieces.


Finally, I made the “Lego layer” invisible so that he could see if his letters were spaced correctly.


Not bad!  He was pleased with his progress and I was glad to see him gain confidence with printing.

I wonder if Lego would consider making an app that allowed users to drag & drop Lego pieces to form letters, and then write on top of them.  It might help kids develop their printing skills while having fun!


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