How Can You Move Forward?

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We play it safe.  We follow the rules, we toe the line, we are pleasers.

If education isn’t meeting our needs or the needs of our students, how is our complacency helping?

Amy Burvall’s recent post on Instagram caught my attention:



The idea of building a bridge to help others is significant, because we are creatures of habit, and sometimes the idea of making changes for ourselves is too overwhelming to handle. Thank God for those who are bridge-builders, supporters, encouragers.

If the idea of a bridge is too much…



…consider the way a canal works instead. You may need to make changes, but at a slower pace. If you are hesitant, think of a way you can move forward, even if it’s gradually.


The Rideau Canal #Ottawa

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“What do you do with the fire in your belly?”

~ Christopher Poindexter



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