The Power of Encouragement

Every Child Needs a Champion

Encouragement means more than you know.  If things come easy to you, you may not be aware of its power.  But, if you have ever struggled with learning anything, encouragement can mean the difference between giving up and giving it another go.

This summer, both of my children agreed to sign up for swimming lessons.  This was an easy decision for my daughter, who loves the water, but not such an easy decision for my son.  Like me, my son is a bit uncomfortable in the water.  His entire first class was spent just getting into the pool.

By the end of the first week of classes (the sessions were two weeks in length), each student was given a progress report.  Rather than handing the reports to the parents, they were given directly to the students.  I held my breath, because I knew that it hadn’t been an easy week.


My son smiled from ear to ear!  The message from his instructor was clear:  that she saw how hard he was working, and that she had faith he could move forward.  Our family celebrated that day, because it meant so much to all of us (yes, learning is a family phenomenon)!

Always, always, always, look for the good.  It may be big or really small, but treasure it. Those who show only a little bit of good may be working harder than anyone can see.

p.s. After two weeks of lessons, my son felt comfortable enough in the water to begin enjoying a bit of time in our backyard pool.  🙂



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4 Responses to The Power of Encouragement

  1. lisamnoble says:

    Learning Is so totally a family phenomenon. I have been incredibly impressed with the gentle feedback my younger son gives me when we’re doing the Minecraft thing (I don’t enjoy it so much, because it’s hard for me). Thanks for sharing the little victories. They’re so important.

    • colleenkr says:

      I totally understand the Minecraft phenomenon — it really is a great model of new learning, isn’t it? Our kids are the best teachers who are so patient and encouraging. Great story!

  2. nickimc40 says:

    Notice the structure of that feedback! Strengths and next steps…and the next steps are collaborative. Powerful!

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