What If I’m Not The Best Teacher For You?


I am an art teacher, but every now and then, depending on our school timetable, I will be asked to teach a course that I’m not as familiar with.  This year’s grade 9 applied Geography students don’t seem to mind too much; they’re understanding, and they’re willing to learn course concepts along with me.  I hope they know how much I appreciate their patience with me.

Today, we discussed our plans for this week:  “Show Me The Learning!“.  This week of review is meant to help me assess their understanding of course content.  I explained that a test is just one way to help me gauge how they are doing, and this might be a nice way to avoid “test stress”.

After the students completed the questionnaire (and some of their first blog posts), we discussed the activity again.  Students began to understand that they might be more comfortable with certain topics, and that their explanations might even help others learn better.  Why bother with this?  Because I’m not perfect.




My role is to educate, which might mean eating a slice of humble pie.  Take a step down from the podium and sit in one of those lovely desks.





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