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The Value of Value

Grade 9 students learned about value today.  In art, value is the lightness or darkness of a colour or tones. After watching the introductory video, we began to look at the art of Baroque artists Caravaggio & Gentileschi. We discussed the … Continue reading

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Practice with Perspective

Today, my grade 9 art students gained a bit more experience with one- and two-point perspective using a variety of techniques.   After some traditional note-taking & sketches, we used our Smart Board & Snapchat to help us visualize the … Continue reading

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Growth Mindset: Hacky Sack Style

I’m an art teacher, but every now & then, I’m asked to teach a different subject.  This year, I have a full schedule of art except for one period of Geography.  It’s already been a great learning experience, and we’re … Continue reading

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. It’s hard to believe that I’m home after such a great experience at #BIT15 — it seems a little like the calm of Boxing Day (when you stay at home), after Christmas. There were some highlights at this year’s conference … Continue reading

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