Let’s Welcome @Dorion8765 to Twitter

It was so great to see a new Twitter account yesterday, especially from my little hometown.  Dave Binette (@djb192) teaches a great group of learners at Dorion Public School, and they are taking a big jump into social media!

My students were excited to see their work yesterday, and wanted to support these young learners by encouraging them with some feedback.


We hope that Mr. Binette’s class will see our post and know that we appreciate their artwork as well as their willingness to share it with the world!  Please consider giving them some support as well, as they begin their journey into a “new world”.

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2 Responses to Let’s Welcome @Dorion8765 to Twitter

  1. mrcameron14 says:

    Dear Mrs. Rose and class! Thank you so much for sharing Dorion’s grade 5,6,7,8s class artwork in your blog! Just as you provided Kai (my son) with feedback on his Genius Hour you did so with the class from Dorion. Authentic peer feedback (especially from older students) means so much to our young learners! Thank you!

  2. banana29 says:

    A lot of teachers are very nervous about the personalization of Twitter and how it might compromise their privacy or security. I’d like to recommend this post as it highlights teacher work/student achievement without compromising anything. Well done!

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