Permission to Play

While browsing through Twitter today, I stumbled upon a post shared by John Spencer…

I would have continued to scroll, but I value John’s opinions and I noticed that he mentioned Amy Burvall.  That was all I needed to convince me to click on the link and I’m glad I did.

Amy’s post, “#rawthought: And Our Tools Shape Us“, made me forget all about scrolling through Twitter.  This is the kind of stuff you search for.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 7.36.15 PM

fyi: I’m thankful for Amy’s suggestion to use Medium — …and you can do a lot more than highlighting text.

She was bold enough to gracefully counter the altruistic notion that learning is paramount to technology.  She has guts.  The bonus is that she feeds our hesitant hopes with a few what if possibilities.  Those possibilities hold a lot of potential ~ and this is the territory where innovation flourishes.  The vast unknown.  Unchartered territory.  Projects with no exemplar…

It is time to look for more what if moments.  Fear and routine are lovely little things, but they can take a back seat while you drive. (#BigMagic)

A little dash of magic:  using our green screen & Do Ink, to understand size relationships while studying perspective.

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