I am sitting on a plane, on my way back to Thunder Bay from Toronto, after #TLLP2016.  Three days devoted to learning more about our project, clarifying our thinking and working toward our goals.  I am so thankful that Lindsay and Stephen are my teammates; their strengths are already making this experience unforgettable.  They are incredibly focused on our goals and offer a multitude of perspectives to consider whenever we approach a new topic or conversation.  Their collective experiences add momentum to our growth, pushing us all to want to work to our potential.


Several educators mentioned the respect, encouragement and support they felt throughout the TLLP summit.  These conversations could be seen as anecdotal evidence for OTF and the Ministry of Education, a clear indicator of goals that have been achieved as well as momentum for the future.

We celebrated the continued success of the TLLP project by sharing a 10th Anniversary cake, which means that this year’s participants are part of  a very select group:  the tenth cohort!  I can’t imagine how wonderful it must be for those who founded such a successful project and have been able to see it flourish over the past ten years.

As I sat listening to Ann Lieberman discuss the research behind the project, I understood why she had been nicknamed “the grandmother of the TLLP”.  Her passion coupled with her sincerity, provides all participants with the encouragement that is so vital to leaders who are learning to navigate a new world.  I hope she realizes the depth of her impact, and how grateful we are for all of her hard work.

IMG_4695 (1)

We happened to strike up a conversation with Patty Hajdu, who we met just before boarding our flight home.  What a great opportunity to discuss our project, the TLLP process, and potential collaborations with our MP.  We were very proud to mention how the TLLP is a partnership, supporting educators from school boards across Ontario with the help of OTF and the Ministry of Education.


* A special note of thanks to my friends at OTF and the Ministry of Education, for asking me to share my experiences from a past TLLP project.  Mike was right:  I did enjoy it after all!

**A link to the 2014 TLLP Summit:  >click here<     (Lindy & Ann:  check out our picture!)

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