The #LearningLine Challenge

A few weeks ago, I invited people to participate in a new project.  My post was called “Draw a Line for Me“, but my very clever friend Rodd Lucier thought of a better way to share the project:  a hashtag.  *Thanks Rodd!*

Lindy Amato was the first person to respond to the challenge.  I love her decisive vertical line that represents her appreciation for all forms of learning, especially those we can cherish in the present moment.  Her perspective on negative experiences along with mistakes is so refreshing, and one that I intend to share with both my children and my students.




Rodd Lucier‘s Learning Line was next, and came in two forms; first on Instagram, then later (and more spectacularly) on YouTube.  “I thought I knew a lot, but I relied a lot on the things that previous teachers had done that I loved as a student…”  As Rodd recounted his stories, I began to remember my first years of teaching as well.  What an amazing journey that you have captured and shared with us here, Rodd ~ thank you!



Peter Cameron’s blog post was amazing to read for many reasons.  Not only was I happy that he had taken the time to create an amazing timeline with colour-coordinated stories, but his questions revealed so much more about his priorities as a teacher-learner than I had anticipated.  “What do my students who are now thirty years old remember most about grade 6?” <– wow!



I have to admit that Joanne Borges’ blog post had the coolest title ever:  “The Learning Tornado” is such an appropriate description of our educational experiences!  I’m glad that her “nightly ‘learning journey’ via Twitter” led her to create her fabulous #LearningLine that was characterized by wonderfully dramatic changes.


Joanne says it beautifully:

The digital world has changed the way that I learn and has caused my learning line to become a bit of a learning tornado. I have never felt so invigorated and passionate about education and the opportunities that are available to us, should we decide to grab on.


Thank you so much to Lindy, Rodd, Peter and Joanne ~ your reflections are brilliant, and so beneficial to other educators.  I sincerely hope that others will be inspired by your stories and that they will want to create their own learning lines as well.






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