Just a Project. Just a Mark.

Yesterday, something happened that hadn’t happened before.  A student was concerned that he wouldn’t finish his project by the due date (I have mixed feelings on due dates, but I won’t discuss this in today’s post).  He said “I can do a painting or something, to be finished on time”, with a quick look up at me.

I said no.

His work is more valuable than an empty painting with no soul, made quickly for the sake of a project or a mark.  A few weeks ago, he asked if it was ok to use a program to learn about electronic music rather than focus on using traditional art materials.  *this is what I like to call a “goosebump moment”

Since he decided that he wanted to develop his skills with sounds and tracks, he’s been unstoppable.  Without having to ask or demand, I know for certain that he will be on his laptop, designing sounds.  My mind starts to wander with questions about how I can best support his learning: who are the experts in sound design?  Who would know the basics, and who could he ask when he has questions?  What kind of art uses sound design, and where can I find examples of this work to share with him?

Yesterday was a great day.  Now to learn about the best way to share his “thumbnail sketches”:  podcasts maybe!



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