Organization: My Nemesis


  1. the inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall.
  2. a long-standing rival; an archenemy.

Thank you, Google.  You have described my relationship with Organization perfectly.  Organization deserves to be capitalized in my world, since it has grown into its own entity; my rival, the thing that should not be named, the thing I would rather avoid…  you get the idea.

That’s why, when I continued to read through Dive Into Inquiry (something I’ve been blogging about lately), I felt a pain — it’s hard to say if it was actually physical, but at the very least it was intellectual.  Have a look:


Uh-oh.  My nemesis found its way into my favourite book!  Albeit, disguised under the pseudonym of structure, but it couldn’t fool me.  My spidey-senses knew my rival was close by.

I chose to do what any superhero teacher would do:  I avoided it until the fateful day when I would have to face my enemy.  I donned my armour and braced myself for …

a snow day (cue dramatic music).

I’m not sure how the victor of a battle is determined, but I think I came out on top.  By the end of the day, I had managed to plan an inquiry unit for the month of January (here is a copy of the PDF), prepare a schedule for conferences with students, and make folders for everyone.

My reward?  A restful holiday.  I fought well, I fought hard, and now the bounty was mine.  I wasn’t stressed or anxious while I celebrated Christmas with my family — I can’t think of a better treasure.




Now to help my daughter with her own battle…    😉

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2 Responses to Organization: My Nemesis

  1. Frank Samuels says:

    You do realise that the irony is rich! One has to be very organised to be able to think the way that you do! And to write about so well – mmmm. I suspect you invented your nemesis solely to destroy him or her…. 🙂
    Great job!

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