I have enjoyed reading several posts and tweets from educators who are sharing their #OneWord2017 (or, in our school board, #SGDSB1Word).  I wasn’t sure if I would contribute a word — there are so many words to choose from! — I have commitment issues… — but a colleague from Dorion captured my attention tonight on Twitter:

Dave’s honesty was refreshing, and I can understand why balance is so important.  Sometimes my own balancing act resembles a performer with spinning plates on long sticks.

So, to honour the need for balance in my own life, I have chosen plan as my #oneword2017.

My roles as a teacher, a parent, and learner (Dave’s wording) all vie for my full attention. I need to learn how to budget my time so that the most meaningful people in my life get the attention they deserve while I still tend to the other necessary tasks and responsibilities. Add a few side-jobs to the mix, and life gets really interesting.

Inquiry is one of the most important aspects of my current TLLP project, and I recently realized that organization is the critical component of a fruitful inquiry task.  I might have known this before, but it’s rather convenient to ignore and hope for the best… 

Thanks for sharing your #OneWord2017 today, Dave.  It meant a lot to me.



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