Assessing an Evaluation: #DiveIntoInquiry

A conversation with Heather Theijsmeijer (see the tweets embedded below) made me do something crazy:  share my rubric.


For some reason, I find it difficult to share my evaluation techniques with others.  I rarely get other perspectives on this really important aspect of connecting with students.  Why? I’m not sure yet.  I just know that it’s difficult.

If so much is riding on evaluation (consider our students’ perspectives), why don’t we share our rubrics, checklists and grading schemes more often?  

<I take a deep breath and prepare to jump in the deep end>

Here is the link to my rubric, along with the related resources (a questionnaire & assignment handout).  If you’re curious and able, would you consider giving me feedback on my evaluation scheme?


Hey Trevor, is this why it’s called “Dive Into Inquiry”? 😉


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