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A Healthy Learning Environment: Play + Collaboration

It can be really intimidating to try something new for the first time:  a job, an exercise class, a project, a new recipe…  In fact, unless you have experience with something, fear can hold you back from trying just about … Continue reading

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Play: Essential for Learning

One of the most effective ways to nurture creativity is to provide an environment where artists can explore and experiment freely.  My grade 10 students were introduced to reduction printing this week, and we spent a number of classes having fun with … Continue reading


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New Approaches: #DiveIntoInquiry

I really appreciate using circles with students; it is a way to ensure that they know their voice matters. Today I modified my approach because I wanted to speak about our curriculum and expectations. We would be speaking about the … Continue reading

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Structured Inquiry: Not a Bad Way to Begin the Semester

The response to this #inquiryed graphic has been amazing! Thank you everyone! #edchat #inquiry #bcedchat #21stedchat — Trevor MacKenzie (@trev_mackenzie) April 26, 2016 I learned so much more about inquiry thanks to my students in first semester; their willingness … Continue reading

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