One Word 2018

I’m not sure if there is a term for the kind of moment that helped me realize what my #oneword2018 would be, but maybe someone who reads this post will be able to help me find it.  What is it that happens when we finally allow ourselves to relax and to drift, to forget about our daily stresses and allow our minds to wander?  Those moments when we are just about to fall asleep, or when we are driving a familiar road and we begin to daydream — where new ideas are formed, and we connect what seem to be distant thoughts that become an entirely new creature.

Yesterday, my family and I went to see the movie Star Wars:  The Last Jedi and at one point I found myself emotional because I had been pulled into the story and found myself connecting to one character’s desperate need for hope.  In the middle of a movie theatre, I found what I needed to move forward, whether it was the realization that I yearned for hope or that I loved the feeling of wandering and getting lost for a time, I’m not sure.  Maybe both.



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5 Responses to One Word 2018

  1. lisamnoble says:

    Colleen: sometimes that moment can me a catharsis, sometimes it’s a synthesis, when things come together. I’m so glad that Hope is part of your thinking for 2018. I’m also reminded of the JRR Tolkien quote that seems to be around a lot right now (I even found a knitting pattern with it). Not all those who wander are lost. Sometimes, we’re just searching.

  2. Fairly certain the word is the “force”. You’re sentence “In the middle of a movie theatre, I found what I needed to move forward…” is exactly what I was thinking when I wrote my one little word post.

  3. Thanks for this Colleen. I think your word could be two – wandering and hope. I think when we allow ourselves to wander we can be wandering into hope, the expectation that we are in the life-long process of learning from and about ourselves. Hope sometimes means that we are looking for something better, but I think hope is all about learning to accept ourselves in the here and now with the expectation that we are open to learning and growing. Nothing in life is permanent and because of this impermanence, we can always be open to learning and growing if we keep ourselves open to the experience. Thanks for your one word, good luck with your wandering.

  4. HJ.DeWaard says:

    Colleen – I’m thinking ‘satori’ or ‘kensho’ might be words that allude to this ‘moment of enlightenment’ you are describing. It’s part of achieving zen which can happen when least expected – including watching Star Wars movies.
    Helen DW

  5. dougpete says:

    Colleen, I love your description. I get it all the time when I walk the dog along the same path, day after day. In the beginning, I focused on everything. Having done it now for eight years, the dog could actually walk himself but I’m there on the other end of the leash for 7,500/15,000 steps. I find that it’s the perfect time to forget the daily commitments that I have and just let my mind put itself to work by letting go. Often in the morning, I’ll start a blog post or rough up a graphic organizer and, when I return to a keyboard, it writes itself. The mind is an amazing thing if you let it do its thing and don’t burden it with “to-do’s”. I don’t pretend to fully understand Maslow’s concept of self-actualization but I like to think that this is one of those moments for me.

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