The Benefits of a Flexible Workplace Day

The transition between semesters is hectic, to say the least.  High school teachers enjoy tying up any loose ends from first semester, marking culminating tasks and/or exams, calculating final marks, writing report cards, and preparing for new courses that begin in semester two.  This is why I wanted to take advantage of a Flexible Workplace day; to have the freedom to stay at home if need be, and to focus on a course that I haven’t taught before.  I knew that a lack of planning would affect my stress levels, and that’s the last thing anyone needs at this time of year.  Or any time of year.  *I also knew that my friend Lindy would be presenting to new teacher candidates at Lakehead University and I couldn’t wait to hang out.


While Lindy shared her presentation in the Bora Laskin auditorium, I began preparing my Course of Study for ICS2O (Introduction to Computer Studies, Grade 10).  It was my opportunity to text my Principal a number of times as I refreshed my memory on the requirements for courses of study, since I hadn’t had to write a new one for some time.

Later, I stopped in at my high school to speak with Sam, our Information Technology Services Technician, who sorted through a variety of computer parts to help me build a collection of equipment that could be used in my course.  Not only did we begin preparing a rough plan for the first few weeks with Computer Studies students, but we discussed his role and how his post-secondary education related to his work.  He also agreed to visit my class to share his knowledge with students!


I left school *early* (because I could), and because I had arranged to meet with Peter McAsh and Doug Peterson, my two friends (and superstars from ECOO).  When I found out that I would be teaching ICS2O, they were the first people I contacted.  I have relied on their amazing support for years, and I wasn’t about to stop asking for help now!  😉

We reviewed a long list of resources that they had been sharing with me over the past while, and they helped me gain a better understanding of the overall flow of the course.  I could feel my stress levels subsiding as my familiarity with expectations grew.



So, I guess this post is a bit of a thank-you note.  Thanks to our union for negotiating a day that respects teachers and allows them to use time that suits them best.  Thanks to my Principal for allowing me to use this day the way I needed.  Thank you to Doug and Peter, for helping me wrap my head around this course (and for the constant hand-holding that will probably be needed through this semester).  Thanks to Sam for helping me prepare the equipment that we will need for hands-on learning and for your courage to come and speak to my students.



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2 Responses to The Benefits of a Flexible Workplace Day

  1. lisamnoble says:

    This is amazing, Colleen. It’s something I know elementary teachers would hugely appreciate at report writing time. So g,ad you were able to do it!

    • colleenkr says:

      It really is awesome. It’s the first time I’ve taken advantage of the day, and I found myself making more of an effort to use it wisely because it felt like a gift.

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