Dreams and Creations

Art21 shared a post featuring Loie Hollowell, explaining why she creates her art and the history behind it.

Loie’s video was refreshing; I appreciated her honesty about the questions she asks herself and her thoughtful reflections about her memories. It makes me wonder about the reasons why I create art but it also makes me question what I create and why. I think these questions are difficult to answer when we take our abilities for granted. We don’t think about what we do, we just do it.

Most of my work is based on my environment, on nature. Would I be a different type of artist if I was raised in a city? Most likely. But would my reason for creating art be different? I don’t know.

My preparations for the last quadmester of the school year have me wondering if I have a solid understanding of my own reasons for producing art. I want to talk to my senior artists about developing their own artist statements but how can I do this if my own vision is unclear? The last thing this teacher wants to be is hypocritical.

Time for this teacher to become a student again.

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