A Wish List for Young Artists, Part 1

I thought that most people think in pictures like me, but apparently this isn’t true! For me, everything is visual. When you speak to me, I imagine what something looks like — even if you’re giving me directions to go somewhere.

Doodling helps me focus, hand-writing notes helps me remember (this helped in school because I could remember what the notes looked like), and creating helps me feel much better.

So I thought I’d share a few gift ideas for your creative kiddos, whether they’re little artists or they’re beginning to dive deeper into the world of expressing themselves.

Wish List Item #1:

An Easel!

The type of easel you want will depend on a few things: how young your artist is, how much space you have, what supplies they will use, and where you plan to use your easel.

  • If you have a young artist, I’d recommend the Standing Easel by Melissa & Doug. My children enjoyed their standing easel for years, but theirs was made from plastic while this one is made from better materials and it folds up beautifully! *Tip: Rather than clipping paper to the easel, buy a roll of paper to use on the locking paper roll holder.
  • If your artist is a bit older, they will love this Painting Set, which comes with a *ton* of art supplies too! This would have been on my wish list if it had been available in the Sears catalog when I was a kid – but at least I can recommend it for other young artists.
  • A sturdier easel is a dream for artists who are truly creative. Like me, they’re happiest when they’re lost in the world of art and need something they can depend on to support some serious work. This easel is similar to the one in my own studio, it’s not too heavy, it can move around on wheels and it can fold up for easy storage.

Let me know about the young artists in your life. I’d love to know what they’re creating!

Stay tuned as I work on Part 2…

Note: some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that I will make a small commission if you purchase products after clicking the links. If you do, thanks!

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