Get Your Crayons Ready

…or pencil crayons, markers, maybe even paints? If you like colouring or you’re willing to give it a go, I created my first colouring page and I’d love it if you downloaded a copy. It’ll cost you a dollar, so you’ll have to double-check your budget first. If it’s a go, hop over to my Etsy page and get your downloadable file.

I loved creating the original painting this summer; the smooth rocks and earthy hues combined with the appearance of a moonlit scene make it feel calming and restorative. So I picked up my outdated-but-still-functioning iPad and opened up Procreate.

The app allows you to use layers on top of images, which helps keep proportions correct. And, it’s simple enough for me to use, unlike Photoshop – a program I feel I should know how to use because I’m an artist but I don’t, so I feel guilty and avoid it altogether.

Hopefully a few people get the file and set aside a little chunk of time to get creative. This morning, I did just that, and it helped me start my day so much better than I had planned. I actually didn’t have a plan – but after seeing Doug Peterson‘s video that announced a segment on VoicEd Radio, I quickly gathered my supplies so I could listen and paint. For some reason, listening to Doug and Stephen chat on this show is relaxing and comforting. I love listening to their conversations and I learn a lot about what’s going on around the province.

Two kind-of funny frustrations about these pictures:

  • I couldn’t find my cute washi tape so I had to grab the ugly painters tape to hold down the watercolour paper… then I ran out of the ugly painters tape so I was forced to hold down the rest of the paper using scotch tape which didn’t even match the painters tape.
  • In my rush, I accidentally oriented the card the wrong way so now it opens backwards.

I don’t think Doug will mind. Since he’s the reason I sat myself down and enjoyed a lovely creative morning, I’m sending the card to him in the mail.

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6 Responses to Get Your Crayons Ready

  1. dougpete says:

    What an interesting concept, Colleen. I will anxiously await for the mail to arrive. Thank you so much. Thanks for listening to the show. And, thanks for making me laugh until I cried real tears when Stephen and I started talking about old-time children television. And, for the record, I did do a few childish things at your prompting from the post we featured. I value our connection.

    • colleenkr says:

      Oh my goodness, you made me laugh when you began laughing! The show you mentioned wasn’t familiar to me though – remind me of the name? I would have written it down to look it up on YouTube but I was busy painting!

  2. dougpete says:

    The show was called “The Friendly Giant”. You mentioned cheesy in your post and so this came to mind. “Look up, way up”. The show cracked me up but it was a skit by McLean and McLean that put me over the top. Rusty asked Jerome what was for supper and the response still makes me smile and laugh.

    My daughters were over and I asked if they had an Etsy account – they did and bought me your image. Now to see what I can do with it.

    Thank you so much for doing this.

    • colleenkr says:

      Ah! It was the McLean and McLean that I couldn’t remember. I wonder if I can find the bit on YouTube. I’ll try because now I’m very curious — especially because I loved watching The Friendly Giant!
      I’m so happy to know you have the image of my painting ~ maybe I should create a different version of the painting using the colouring page…

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