Kids’ Easels, Part 2

Part 1 was a good start, but if you’re a parent and you’re trying to make a decision, you need more details!

Let’s take a look:

This post will focus on just one thing: kids’ easels.

I’m a parent, an artist and a teacher. There was no way my kids could possibly escape having art in their lives, so I’ve acquired a fair bit of supplies throughout the years. Now that my kids are teens, I can look back with a bit of satisfaction knowing that every moment of creativity counts. It helps them focus, relax and express themselves.

It also gave us countless hours of time to talk about what they were creating, what it felt like, what stories they were imagining, and even more importantly, time slowed down.

To be honest, you don’t need an easel. If your kiddo is creative, that can happen anywhere ~ for us, our dining room table is used *all the time* for stuff like this. So don’t feel pressured to get an easel. Creativity isn’t limited by the lack of an easel.

If you do want an easel and you have the space for it (luckily most of them fold up nicely for better storage when you’re not using them), then I’ll share the reasons why I’ve enjoyed ours.

Ally’s easel was a Christmas gift for her when she was two years old. She had a relatively new baby brother and we felt it was important for her to have something special – and the teacher/artist mom also wanted the gift to be a great learning tool because I’m a geek. (or nerd? I always get those mixed up)

What I liked about this easel:

  • sturdiness (because kids)
  • little shelves to hold supplies (organization plus prevention of spills)
  • a chalkboard on one side & a clip to hold paper on the other side

These criteria worked for me when I bought it and I think they’ll help you when you get your easel too.

If you’re looking for recommendations, here are a few!

An easel isn’t a necessity – you can be creative anywhere, any way you like.

But, sometimes it helps to have a dedicated spot for all your stuff.

And, as I learned a few times, an easel also helps bigger artists like me to keep things in proportion rather than accidentally skewing the measurements. (see below. oops)


*note: some of the links are affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission if you purchase the items. If you do, thanks!

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