It’s the first bird call you learn when you’re raised in Dorion and your Mom is an avid birdwatcher. Chickadees are super-cute and they’re very common in our area. If you have a bird feeder, they’re often the first ones to show up & remind you to stick to your feeding routine.

And they’re brave.

If you get the chance to walk through a trail this winter, bring some bird seeds with you in case there are hungry chickadees around. Here in Red Rock, the best place to feed chickadees is on a trail called Lloyd’s Lookout, which is exciting – especially if you bring kids with you (and the best way to enjoy watching kids stay still with a handful of bird seeds — and to try to remain still when the first bird lands on their hand).

My friend Susan and I were chatting about these brave birds when she visited last summer. She loved the idea of feeding chickadees so much that she might work it into a book club activity in the new year, which is exciting because winter is tough! If you read my last post, you’ll know how I struggle with the season. It really helps to look forward to some fun activities.

So, to help her prepare, I thought it would be fun to make a little chickadee painting.

I found an adorable picture of a chickadee in my files from last winter and got a few supplies ready…

Then, instead of taking pictures of my progress, I took short videos. If the book club (& monthly activity) idea is a go, I want to be prepared!

As an extra challenge, I used TikTok to combine the videos & make something shareable:

Not too bad for a TikTok beginner, right?

And the little painting is adorable. It’ll make a great Christmas gift for my Mom.

Do you feed chickadees? Do you enjoy bird watching?

Tell me about it in the comments.




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3 Responses to Chickadee-dee-dee

  1. lisamnoble says:

    I love the painting, friend. The dee-dees are my absolute favourite of the winter birds. And yes, I am one of those people who stands on the ski trail with a handful of bird seed. A red hat works very well!

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