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Just a Project. Just a Mark.

Yesterday, something happened that hadn’t happened before.  A student was concerned that he wouldn’t finish his project by the due date (I have mixed feelings on due dates, but I won’t discuss this in today’s post).  He said “I can … Continue reading

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Playing With Green Screen (…finally!)

You know that moment when something drastic needs to happen in order to make you get up off your butt & do what you need to do?  Example:  inviting someone over for a visit, which will bring on a cleaning … Continue reading

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Learning About #EDM (Electronic Dance Music) With @JLucas

I’ve been learning a lot about #EDM thanks to a student who is interested in developing his skills for the future.  This is all new territory for me, but thank goodness for the help of Jay Lucas, our school board’s … Continue reading

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