• I discovered Wesley Fryer’s podcast “Moving at the Speed of Creativity”, while browsing iTunes the other day.  I was excited to see (and hear) someone who is very driven in his attempts to combine technology, creativity and education.  I look forward to listening to many more podcasts (there are quite a few!) and I intend to check out his other podcast (Fuel for Educational Change) and his website Moving at the Speed of Creativity.  Well done, Wes!
  • I just came across a wonderful site that is focused entirely on arts education.  contains valuable tips and techniques for art educators.  Pictures, blogs and videos make you feel like a kid in a candy store.  I’m thoroughly enjoying my time on this site!
  • **Also on The Teaching Palette, a post entitled “Using Minecraft in Your Art Curriculum” (very cool)
  • Minecraft in Art
  • Andrew Miller’s website is filled with beautifully written blogs that cover topics that are current concerns in today’s educational world.  Resources abound, and videos provide us with opportunities to enjoy some of his talks to a variety of audiences.  Engagement is key!
  • Curriculum Services Canada is a site abounding with such a wealth of information for teachers, it’s hard to pinpoint one area to recommend.  I’d have to say that by creating webcasts, CSC has really helped to make new or unfamiliar concepts much more understandable for teachers.  Sometimes, new methodologies or practices can be vague when presented in our schools.  CSC has developed many videos that explain numerous topics ranging from Differentiated Instruction to Learning Communities.  Many times, I have taken the time to watch a webcast or two in the evening and enjoyed a new awareness about a topic I hadn’t previously understood.  Definitely one of my favourites!
  • Edutopia is a teacher’s all-in-one resource when looking for informative videos, blogs and support.  I’d say one of my favourite blogs focuses on new teachers because educational concepts are explained clearly for those who are beginning their careers.  After teaching for a number of years, many of us take things for granted in our schools ~ it’s refreshing to listen to people explain topics like assessment and classroom management in a viewer-friendly fashion.  There are so many other aspects of this site that are worth mentioning, but your time would be better spent by browsing the site yourself.  A very helpful resource!

1 Response to Resources

  1. Julie Read says:

    Hi there,
    I was reading with earnest some of the posts in your art education blog, so much great information out there. I also wanted to share with you our site Portfolio Oomph as we offer specialist advice on applying to art college for final year school pupils and their parents also mature students – in fact anyone making an art college application. I think this would interest your audience especially the home education-ers!

    We have lots of free resources in our blog and many eBooks and eCourses guiding students through the process of creating a portfolio and making an application to art college.

    Could I ask if it would be possible for you to list our site or to make a wee blog post about our resources?

    Many thanks in anticipation,


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